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  5. "Dün akşam makarna yedim."

"Dün akşam makarna yedim."

Translation:I ate pasta yesterday evening.

December 24, 2015



i ate pasta last night..


evening=akşam night=gece

so your sentence is "dün gece makarna yedim"


"night = gece", but for "yesterday evening", it is common (in my experience) to say "last night" in English, even if the event took place at (say) seven o'clock, which is not "night" yet.

See e.g. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/last_night , which says that it means "The evening or night immediately before the present" (emphasis mine).

I think both should be accepted.


you are right but no Turkish person (including me) would say "dün gece" for an event that occured around 7 pm the day before. we rarely say that. we use dün akşam more.


I understand that.

So I think that "dün akşam --> last night / yesterday evening" and "dün gece --> last night" should be accepted, i.e. "last night" should be accepted as translation of both "dün akşam" and "dün gece".


We understand that, BUT yesterday evening is INCORRECT in spoken English. English people Wil NEVER use yesterday evening. They will ALWAYS use LAST NIGHT.


Of course! You are absolutely right! Duo should learn to speak idiomatic Englisch!


Is there a rule for how one translates.i wrote "yesterday evening i ate pasta"


I did the same and it seems like this should be an acceptable translation as its a correct sentence in English. (Even though saying yesterday "evening" is a bit unorthodox).


Alright I put in 'last evening' and that got marked wrong too

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