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Vilka är dina favorit svenska serieromaner?

1... 2... 3... gå~!

(Det vill säga, bara romaner skrivna av svenskar— inga översatta böcker.)

December 24, 2015



That would be serieroman, seriealbum, or serietidning in Swedish - roughly corresponding to the graphic novel, the magazine, or the single-issue comic. Some also use seriebok, but it's not a very coherent term at the moment, so I wouldn't.

As for the actual question, I haven't really read a lot of Swedish graphic novels, just shorter stuff and translations, so I can't answer. I will say though that we have a nice tradition of generally very good translators - especially for Donald Duck comics.


That's what I thought based on Wikipedia but when I google searched, "grafiska romaner" got more results than "serieromaner" so I got confused hehe


Well I quite like Liv Strömquist and Nina Hemmingson, who both do comics (?) focused on social critique and feminism, but in a very funny way. It's mostly free standing stories.

ETA: So it's not really graphic novels per se - their books are mostly collections. And not very story-driven. So it might not be what your were asking for, but could be worth checking out.


Like Joel__W, I enjoy the works of Liv Strömquist and Nina Hemmingson. I've also read quite a bit of Martin Kellermans vaguely autobiographical comic series Rocky.


Graphic novel as a format is not that common in Sweden (or many other European comics scenes), many prefer shorter works, albums, collections of short stories, one-pagers or strips. So just call them "serier".

My personal favourite is probably Lena Ackebo, her slightly absurd sense of humour fits well into mine. She often parodies contemporary culture and life, and of course, me not being Swedish, some of her references fly just past me (but are also educational to get more insight into Sweden).

Another good artist that is quite Swedish-specific (and thus can be quite difficult but worthwhile to get into by foreigners) is Arne Anka by Charlie Christensen. Started off as a parody of Donald Duck (with our hero as foulmouthed no-good poet obsessed with booze and girls), but it has developed into a bigger commentary of contemporary culture. (but no, this is definitely not for kids)

Joakim Pirinen is one of the best comics artists anywhere so his comics are a visual treat, and he does fine stories too...

Max Andersson and Åsa Grennvall are worth a look (and I have heard good things about Nina Hemmingson, haven't read her yet though).

There are even couple of superhero comics (oh, ok, parodies) that have amused me a great deal and which again draw a lot from Swedish culture making them both more challenging and worthwhile for foreigners: Kapten Stofil by Joakim Lindengren and Den maskerade proggaren by David Nessle :)


Hehe, indeed— this fixation on graphic novels comes from being North American and in retrospect, my favourite French-language graphic novels are all from Québec.

I quite dislike other comic formats (not exactly sure why...) but I was hoping there were some artists out there going against Swedish comicbook tradition. :P I did actually manage to find a couple while I was in Sweden but hopefully with all of y'all's recommendations I can expand this list.


Yeah, there are some who explore graphic novel / long album territory (of the mentioned, I know at least Grennvall and Pirinen have done some worthwhile work on these formats) but generally it's good to keep an open mind to formats, their popularity and usage varies from country to country.

At least in the past in Nordic countries much of the more artsy stuff saw print in anthology magazines and albums which meant that 1-10-page stories were the most popular, meanwhile fewer people did full-length albums, let alone GN-length stories.

Also newspapers continue to publish strips (which apparently is more rare in the rest of Europe) and often allow a good amount of edginess (it is somewhat amusing to read the commentaries of Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine, about regular editorial problems he has, when we have Rocky, Biller, Wulffmorgenthaler, Fingerpori etc.)


Shouldn't it be "svenska favoritserieromaner"?


Yes. Last year I did not know that favorit was not an adjective in Swedish, lol.


Åsa Grennvall and Daniel Ahlgren are both great. Loka Kanarp's Hungerhuset is worth reading though I felt it was a little thin.

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