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  5. "два моста"

"два моста"

Translation:two bridges

December 24, 2015



Why is it "моста" and not "мосты"?


With numbers ending 2-4 (except 12-14) genitive singular is used. With higher numbers use genitive plural. If you want more details mosfet has written an excellent guide which is guaranteed to fry your brain. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12185422


Wow. And I thought German was complicated.

This is going to be a long hard slog... give it 5 years I might be able to speak Russian about as well as a two-year old Russian kid.


Is there a town in Russia which has two bridges?


Ордынское, 60 miles southwest of Новосибирск :-)

Moscow of course has a lot more than two.


How relevant is gender/case/number to cardinal numbers like два

Моста is genitive singular, but that's not because of agreement with Два. It gets a bit confusing when dealing with adjectives, though. For example:
одна красная шляпа - one red hat, where both красная and шляпа are nominative feminine singular. Not a problem.

пять красных шляп - five red hats, where красных is genitive plural and шляп is genitive feminine plural; again, not a problem.

But is "two red hats" две красной шляпы (which seems correct to me) or две красных шляпы? or something else? The reason I ask is I get different answers from different on-line translators.

And that problem raises general questions about the case, gender and number of cardinal numbers.


wow i thought for a sec. that russian also has dual.


More like few-al, but yes.

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