"Czy pijecie herbatę?"

Translation:Do you drink tea?

December 24, 2015

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Duolingo accepts 'do you drink tea', while strictly speaking this implies if someone at all drinks tea. Wouldn't the only strictly right translation of this sentence be 'Are you drinking tea?'


Can I use the same sentence to ask 'are you drinking tea'?


Now that I know this software and the translation it expects, I get them right, but 'pijecie' (and other plural forms of you) can be better translated as 'you guys/girls/people' so, I would use this and say 'do you guys drink tea?' if you translated it from PL to EN to PL with their translation you would lose plurality.


i generally agree, even tho there are practical reasons why "you guys" cant be accepted


Could you omit the "Czy" and simply ask "Pijecie herbatę"?

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