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  5. "W maju piję wodę."

"W maju piję wodę."

Translation:In May I drink water.

December 24, 2015



You may think I'm a crazy guy but I drink water every month of the year.


Only vodka the rest of the time ahahah


In other months I am thirsty...


Nie mówi się wu maju tylko w maju


Not talking ,,wu maju " only,, w maju"


Is it my ear, but I cannot hear the difference between piję and pije. Do they sound the same, or am I going deaf?


Poles don't pronounce a final ę


And that is so so so frustrating as a learner.

I mean during "listening" excercises.

Even though a lot of people have said dont pronounce it, I have decided that I always will. I know people will think I sound formal or proper but I am a learner not a native so hopefully they will ignore it.

I even use ja and ty sometimes when the verb ending tells it anyway. Not always. Eg I say Ja portzebuję and Ja lubię, Ty lubisz etc but then on other verbs like rozumiem or znam I dont use the Ja or Ty.

But when listening excercises.... They dont always use Ja and they dont pronunce the ę so have to rely on extra info (on/ona etc) which is not always there.

Love polish though. Its such a great language and learning it has taught me soooooo much.more about my 3 or 4 native languages. Rules I didnt even know that I do or follow. Was just instinctive since childhood, but.... Now when learning, I am often like "that's so weird, why does polish have this weird rule. How do we do it in our languages???”

And only then, upon further analysis, do I realise that I've been doing stuff like this, or even more complicated or quirky, all my life without knowing it.

Added another dimension to my understanding of what it means to be a "native speaker"


And Vodka for other months


And the rest of the year I become a mummy.


Lol i just got that :D


Now I'm quite confused: In "Dziś po południu piszę książkę." the correct answer was "This afternoon I'm writing a book".

Here I typed: "In May I am drinking water" and is was marked wrong. Why?


I think it's just more probable to make a plan of 'writing a book this afternoon' than 'drinking water in May'... But I guess that technically it's correct, added.


I've been waiting for the first appearance of the locative to ask this question - the list of locative adjective endings appears in the tips for this section - can you remind me where the list of locative noun endings is?

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