"Do you need coffee?"

Translation:Potrzebujesz kawy?

December 24, 2015

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Following recent changes to the website, answers are being marked wrong simply for omitting a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence. Also, where you are given a blank followed by kawy, it does not accept 'potrzebujesz' even though there is no clue to suggest the plural 'you' is wanted. Finally, the changes have made it impossible to make progress on a smartphone because answers are marked as wrong when there is an accent missing. I used to have the Polish keyboard activated on my smartphone, but I had to de-activate it because it started trying to autocorrect my text messages into Polish!


"gotujesz kawę" but potrzebujesz kawy? I don't get this :~0


Is the object of this sentence in the Genitive Case? Dziękuję.


czy pan potrzebuje kawy?


Sure, added now.

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