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  5. "They read us the menu."

"They read us the menu."

Translation:Onlar bize menüyü okurlar.

December 24, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Can we change direct and indirect objects place? Is this correct ? Onlar menüyü bize okurlar.


    yes you can, it is correct.

    [deactivated user]



      It answers different questions, right?

      "Menüyü kime okurlar? Menüyü bize okurlar."

      "Bize ne okurlar? Bize menüyü okurlar."


      When you write it yes it does. When you speak it depends on your intonation though.


      Why its bize and not biz


      It cannot be "biz" because "we" are not the subject.

      And it is not "bizi" because "us" is not the direct object -- we are not a piece of paper that is being read.

      "us" is the indirect object here -- they are reading to us. Therefore, the dative "bize" is used here.


      Why it can be said by 2 different ways

      "Onlar bize menüyü okurlar" And "Onlar bize menüyü okur"


      Or "Bize menüyü okurlar", a third rigth way.


      When to say each menüyü, menüsü


      menüyü - is the accusative case. You would use it when it is the definite direct object of a verb, as here: what are you reading? The menu.

      menüsü - is the possessed form, "his, her, its menu". It's also used as the second part of a noun-noun compound, e.g. otelin menüsü "the hotel's menu", restoran menüsü "the restaurant menu".


      Why "okudular" -- it gives me this option as the correct answer... I have not come across this verb form before. Isn't it "okurlar" or "okur"? Thanks.


      English "read" can be present tense (pronounced "reed") or past tense (pronounced "red").

      okudular is past tense.


      Can somebody, please, explain to Anashashem why "Onlar bize menüyü okurlar", "Bize menüyü okurlar" and Onlar bize menüyü okur" are three ways to translate "They read us the menu"? Today i'm too mentally tired to explain it.

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