"Czwartek nie był spokojnym dniem."

Translation:Thursday was not a peaceful day.

December 24, 2015

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Appropriate to Christmas Eve 8-o busy busy busy


Can you say spokojny dzień instead at the end?


Maybe as "Czwartek to nie był spokojny dzień", but that sounds a bit if you protested at someone who claimed that it was a peaceful day.


Oh boy, given what happened this week, the last week of Feb 2022, this sentence is rather poignant.


Ouch. I guess we have a new "This is a bad year" sentence :/ Given that the (new chapter of) the war started on Thursday...


I think it is OK to say "the" Thursday


A comment from one of our British contributors:

It's not wrong but it's very context dependent: it would mean 'The Thursday of the [week/event] were are already talking about' and it probably needs to come in a list of days: That week was difficult. [The/] Thursday was not a peaceful day and [the/] Friday was worse. I wouldn't accept it, as no context is given.


What case is being used here? spokojnym dniem is intrusmental as far as i understand. can you explain why?


Yes, it is. It's a basic "[noun phrase] is [noun phrase]" sentence, just negated, it's not different from "Tygrys (nie) jest kotem". The second noun phrase takes Instrumental (or another possibility is "Czwartek to nie był spokojny dzień".

Okay, the sentence has "was", not "is", but that changes nothing in terms of cases, it's still "to be".


"A slow day" - at work, mostly in retail. In Polish we would translate it as "spokojny dzień" ("powolny dzień" is gaining popularity as a calque, but my non-english-speaking co-workers still used "spokojny").


It won't hurt to accept it. Added.

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