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"Czwartek nie był spokojnym dniem."

Translation:Thursday was not a peaceful day.

December 24, 2015



Appropriate to Christmas Eve 8-o busy busy busy


Can you say spokojny dzień instead at the end?


Maybe as "Czwartek to nie był spokojny dzień", but that sounds a bit if you protested at someone who claimed that it was a peaceful day.


I think it is OK to say "the" Thursday


A comment from one of our British contributors:

It's not wrong but it's very context dependent: it would mean 'The Thursday of the [week/event] were are already talking about' and it probably needs to come in a list of days: That week was difficult. [The/] Thursday was not a peaceful day and [the/] Friday was worse. I wouldn't accept it, as no context is given.

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