"Pasta do zębów i szczoteczka do zębów"

Translation:The toothpaste and the toothbrush

December 24, 2015

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Don't get discouraged from this lesson. It was the toughest one yet for me. And I had almost made it to the end when my cat stepped on my laptop and closed the window! Starting over from the szczoteczka do zębów :) Powodzenia!


Are you allowed to combine modifying phrases and say "pasta i szczoteczka do zębów"?


Paste for teeth and a cute brush for teeth! Yes my Polish partner says it would still make sense to say "pasta i szczoteczka do zębow"


Szczoteczka is a really satisfying word to say once you've gotten it right. This is great practice for being conversational with other words later down the line!


Does "do" function like the english word "of" in this sentence?


I would say it is ""for" or "to"


In Russian, zubnaja pasta i zubnaja siotka. Is szczoteczka a diminutive in Polish? In Russian, the diminutive for siotka щётка would be siotoćka щёточка.


The noun "szczoteczka" is, in fact, a diminutive of the word "szczotka".
"Szczoteczka" is used for teeth cleaning, unless one has "końskie zęby".

szczoteczka do zębów - toothbrush
szczoteczka do rąk - hand/nail brush

szczotka do szorowania - scrub brush
szczotka chirurgiczna - surgical scrub brush
szczotka do włosów/butów - hair brush/shoe brush


Pasta de dentes e escova de dentes


I think this app bounces around too much instead of using sentences later on. I would rather group all the things to learn about the word or words.


The only way this course can efficiently teach you words, is by demonstrating how they work in sentences. It's the context which ultimately decides what a given word means.
The course creators probably chose not to make a sentence out of this one because there are two three-word compounds with different case endings, so they didn't want to make it too difficult.


I understand that, but keeping the sentences along the same subject matter would help.


Actually, the new version of the course which we're working on will stay more around one central topic per skill.

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