"Kto ma mydło?"

Translation:Who has soap?

December 24, 2015

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"Who has the soap" should be accepted.


It is: "Who has a soap?", not "Who is the soap?"


I never heard 'Who is the soap?' A soap is not a person..


When we say "who has the soap" it is self defined by the situation, such as a washing situation, hence, "the soap" is a valid translation of "mydło" for many of the situations this sentence covers. Many people have problems with articles in English because they refuse to let go of the rules for their native languages, for which this is a good example.


What do you mean by ' because they refuse to let go of the rules for their native languages?'. Isn't that a harsh statement? Maybe 'they find it difficult' would be a preferable one?


"the soap" works.


Where is this sentence coming from now? I have just encountered it for the first time after more than two years, although it's apparently an old one. The comments are three or four years old... Another strange thing is that I see six comments in the Android app, but only two in the web version.


Starting from the second question: If you see more comments one one platform, then I'd expect the web version to have more... but some comments were on "-1" level and I think this might make them invisible - although I also think it's a bug, it's not enough to decide that the comment is wrong/irrelevant/unnecessary.

The algorithm only guarantees that you see one sentence per lexeme, any more sentences for the same lexeme are not guaranteed. So I don't think it's so surprising that at some point it showed you something you haven't seen before.


After posting my comment, I could suddenly see all of them in the web version as well, so it seems to have been just a small bug...

Well, I've practiced those skills again and again; I usually know all the old sentences. This one must have been stuck somewhere in the depths of the system :D


Before writing my comment I upvoted those comments, so perhaps it's simply that what made them visible to you.


No, that happened immediately after posting my first comment.


I should have read more carefully... ok, so it's even stranger.

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