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  5. "Where is your son going?"

"Where is your son going?"

Translation:Gdzie idzie twój syn?

December 24, 2015



twój is missing from the word bank. Reported.


Dokąd should be the starred answer


It should be. The problem is that the course creators didn't even introduce this word, therefore it's impossible for us to use it in the main answer. We can only accept it.


"Gdzie twój syn idzie?" <-- Is that not acceptable?


Yes, it should be fine


is "Gdzie idzie twój syn?" not correct? or is it a grammatical issue? It sounds like both "Gdzie idzie twój syn?" and "Gdzie twój syn idzie?" are pretty much the same thing.


I think you mixed up the versions, the first one is the one accepted. "Gdzie twój syn idzie?" seems less natural but acceptable, added.


Yeah I somehow managed to miss the part where it said to select all the correct answers and I was only choosing one. Might be helpful to have a case added where it will remind the person to choose all the correct answers rather than flat out saying they are wrong despite having chosen one of the correct answers.

Oh and sorry for the false reports, I'm guessing you had to deal with them.


Yeah, would be good, but such things are only up to the developers of the app/website.


"is going" doesn't have any real 'is' to translate. It's just a construction. There is only one verb to translate.


why not wasi syn (he's a masculine person).


Wasi is in the plural number. Wasi synowie - "your sons". Since we're speaking of just one son, it's wasz syn - "your son".


what's wrong with "gdzie twoj syn chodzi" ?


The verb "chodzi" means "where does he go" (generally, with some regularity, on multiple occasions), not "where is he going" (right now/expressing a plan for the future).

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