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  5. "Har du optrådt på den scene?"

"Har du optrådt den scene?"

Translation:Have you performed on that stage?

December 24, 2015



Note: it is perfectly good English to say that someone 'appeared on stage' at a particular theatre, meaning that they 'performed on that stage'. Of course, in this instance, the verb used translates as 'performed', but to my English brain, it was also acceptable to use 'appeared'.


"optrådt" is past tense? What is present tense, or infinitive form of this word?


Hvorfor er det "på den scene" i stedet for "på scenen"?


In general, if you want to say that something or other, you use den/det + noun. This distinguishes it from the scene, which is, of course, scenen.


The audio is wrong. ... Har du optrådt på den scene. In the DUO audio the stress is put on scene. That is wrong. You should say... Har du optrådt på dén scene. As DUO has pronounced it it could be misinterpreted as if the person (you) had performed on the late (something). It does not make sence, DUO.

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