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  5. "Faren min kjører sykebil."

"Faren min kjører sykebil."

Translation:My father drives an ambulance.

December 24, 2015


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Because my father is a Ghostbuster.


Isnt it more natural to say "drives ambulance" instead of " drives an ambulance" when one refers to the career of someone?


'My father drives ambulance' does not sound like natural English to me. If you want to avoid an article you'd have to say something like 'My father drives ambulances for a living'. Or if someone asked 'What does your father do?' you could answer: 'He drives ambulances.'


I actually know people that drive ambulance, and they say "drives ambulance", not "drives ambulances". The latter sounds wrong to me. "Drives an ambulance" would be ok, but not best. (I am from the US Midwest.)


I wrote this one too and I think this should be accepted. I know people say "drives truck".


It's very common in my part of the world (Western Canada) to say, "He drives ambulance, He drives truck, He drives taxi" singular and without an article. It's probably common here because there were so many Northern European immigrants that settled here. :D

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