"Kocham mój pokój!"

Translation:I love my room!

December 24, 2015

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Whats the difference between uwielbiam and kocham?


Some people (quite a big percentage) say that "kochać" should be reserved for loving people. I'm one of those that think it's fine to use it with inanimate stuff, but probably everyone would agree that "uwielbiać" is the best option.

It's something between "to love" and "to adore". For example it makes more sense to say "Uwielbiam Britney Spears!" than "Kocham Britney Spears!", although people could say the second version as well.


does this mean "I love my bedroom!"? because in english "room" can be a shortened version of "bedroom".


Well, for most people "my room" and "my bedroom" probably mean the same room, but I wouldn't say that it's a translation, rather an interpretation. "bedroom" is "sypialnia".


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