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"Polisen skjuter honom med en pistol."

Translation:The police officer shoots him with a pistol.

December 24, 2015



Does "pistol" mean any kind of gun or only a pistol?


Just pistol, as in a handheld firearm.

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do you not have a word just "gun" in swedish?



Nah a quick google search came up with the word Bössa but I've never heard it used.


This English sounds like it could be wrong? Is the sentence not suppose to have "at" him "The police officer shoots AT him with a pistol"

It sounds like the common mistake of the following. The police officer throws him with a stone.


It's not wrong. To "shoot someone" and to "shoot at someone" are both correct English. The former implies actually hitting someone, while the latter implies shooting in someone's general direction.


My unwanted two cents here— it might sound strange to you because in North American English(?), to "shoot someone" is very rarely used in the present tense (because it's an action that is over almost instantly, so it's usually either past or future), while to "shoot at someone" is more general and therefore could be happening over a longer duration of time and therefor is more commonly heard in present tense ;)

You might hear "The police officer shoots him with a pistol" if a person is say, recounting a killing frame by frame.

So then, does a difference between "shoot" and "shoot at" exist in Swedish?


Yes, to shoot at someone is att skjuta på någon in Swedish. is a preposition so it's not stressed. I'd translate The police shot at him as Polisen sköt på honom, In that case, it's not known whether it was a hit or miss.


It's stormtroopers vs. Robin Hood. One shoots at, the other shoots.


Does this sentence imply anything about “his” condition afterwards? Is he actually hit? Or even implied to be shot dead?


It implies that he's hit, like the English sentence. If you just want to say that he shoots "at" him, that's han skjuter på honom in Swedish – that expression says nothing about whether it's a hit or not.

It doesn't imply whether he dies or not. If you want to say that, you can say skjuter ihjäl 'shoots to death'.


Av ren nyfikenhet: vad betyder "hjäl", eller vart kommer ordet 'ihjäl' ifrån?

EDIT: omg, nevermind, Wiktionary has everything. ihjäl is etymologically equivalent (but not semantically equivalent of course) to "to hell" lol. I quite enjoy that.


Love those old roots :)
Hel of course was the kingdom of death for those who didn't die in battle and go to Valhall, so presumably a more neutral place than the Christian Hell.


Tack för förklaringen.

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