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Japanese Bonus Lesson: Christmas Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone! I had to unlock the Christmas lesson for German to do this as the English for Japanese speakers does not have the option.

I don't expect all of these to be 100% correct, so let me know if I screwed up!

Christmas isn't as big a thing in Japan as it is in Western countries so there are a LOT of loanwords here.


Christmas: Kurisumasu: クリスマス

Christmas day: Kurisumasu no hi: クリスマスの日

Christmas tree: Kurisumasu tsuri-: クリスマスツリー

Gingerbread man: Jinja-buredo man: ジンジャーブレドマン

Snow: Yuki: ゆき: 雪

Cookies: Kukki-: クッキー

Beautiful: Utsukushii: うつくしい: 美しい

Cold (to the touch): Tsumetai: つめたい: 冷たい

Present: Purezento: プレゼント

Open: Akeru: あける: 開ける

Good/OK/fine: ii: いい


I like Christmas Cookies
Watashi wa kurisumasu no kukki- ga suki desu.
わたし は クリスマス の クッキー が すき です。

The children like christmas
Sono kodomo wa kurisumasu ga suki desu
その こども は クリスマス が すき です。

The christmas tree is beautiful
Sono kurisumasu tsuri- wa utsukushii desu.
その クリスマス ツリー は うつくしい です。

When can we open presents?
itsu purezento o akete ii desu ka?
いつ プレゼント を あけて いい です か。
(lit: When is it good/ok/fine to open presents)

She eats the gingerbread man.
Kanojo ha jinja-buredo man o tabemasu.
かのじょ は ジンジャーブレドマン を たべます。

The snow is cold
Sono yuki wa tsumetai
その ゆき は つめたい

Merry Christmas!

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December 24, 2015




I want to add some Christmas words.

  • Santa Clause = サンタクロース santa kuro-su
  • reindeer = トナカイ tonakai
  • sleigh = そり sori


Tonakai was actually a new word for ME today. :3 Which makes me feel kinda dumb because I know Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in Japanese and it's got "Tonakai" in it.


Ah, 赤鼻のトナカイ!

Tonakai sounds somewhat exotic for me. So I googled it and just found this word was borrowed from Ainu language. I think most Japanese probably do not know this fact. Anyway, tonakai is a wonderful animal :)


I would have expected クッキー for "cookie"?


Nope. You're right. That one's better. edits lesson

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