"You wear trousers."

Translation:Ty nosisz spodnie.

December 24, 2015

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Why I can't type just "Nosisz spodnie" ?


Woah, that was a big oversight... added now.


Formal request: Could Duolingo, when asking for 'you plural' to be translated from English to another language, use "ya'll" instead of "you"?


I think it's accepted, but it's hard to imagine using it as an official version. The 'proper' way is still 'you'.

Plus there's no context, so in translating into Polish both singular and plural translations have to be accepted. So it's not like we're asking you to translate the 'plural you', the choice is yours.


Pan(i) nosi spodnie.


So how should i know wich ' You' the question means?


In 99% of the cases all options are correct and you can choose yourself. Here as well.


What i dearly miss is the full list of variations of a verb: Why not add consistently for the Polish translating (when one clicks the English word to peak): I version You version He/she versions We version They version

That way i can practice this list and have oversight. If I'm not mistaken, now we get only three variations of a verb


Also -> Wy nosicie spodnie (plurial)


If nosisz is you wear and you wear is wy nosicie how are we supposed to know which is single and which is plural.


"nosisz" is singular (you wear, Alison); "nosicie" is plural (you wear, Alison and Susan).

When translating from English into Polish, there's no context to help you decide whether it's singular or plural, both are equally correct.

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