December 24, 2015

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one = they and oni = they what is the difference? please help


'One' refers to a group consisting entirely of women or feminine/neutral nouns. Otherwise (i.e. if there is at least one man/masculine noun in the group) you need to use 'oni.


Am I correct to say that these days some people in Poland have started using the phrase 'One i oni' instead of 'oni' to refer to mixed gender groups? I was told this by a couple of my Polish mates.


That's only if you really want to overkill the stress on the fact that there are both women and men (or boys and girls, etc.) in the group. I'd not use it for mixed group myself, only when there are 2 groups, one of consisting men, and one consisting of women. Otheriwse it would sound odd.


A small correction: "oni" is used for masculine PERSONAL nouns; plurals of feminine, neutral, AND non-personal masculine nouns (like "konie" - horses, or "domy" - houses) are referred to as "one"


Everyone is so long-winded. Simple: "Oni"--they. "One"--they (females only)


On = he. Ona = she. One = they (if the noun if female) Oni = they (if one or more is masculine)


those work for people.

For things

"it" may be on, ona, ono- depending on the grammatical gender of the noun

All plural nouns that do not describe people are also "one"


To know the difference between "They" and "They" at least you could specify the genre.


Why does this appear as the last phrase on (one of) the last section(s) of the course?


I put both one and oni, are you only supposed to put one?


Well, what was the exercise? If it was "check all the correct answers", you put two answers. If it's just "Translate", you put one answer.

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