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  5. "Wir werden hier bleiben."

"Wir werden hier bleiben."

Translation:We will stay here.

December 10, 2013



How come "we will be staying here" is not correct?


Does bleiben imply staying at someone's house, or can it simply mean for example "Wir werden für fünf Minuten hier bleiben"?


It just means "stay". Bitte hier bleiben would mean 'please stay here'. Not necessarily at someone's house.


Does " We are going to stay here " make any sense? awaiting your answers. Thanks.


Ja it's correct.


We will stay here. ... We will wait here? ? Surely the same or similar term in UK English


Not sure if I understand your question... bleiben just means to stay in one place, any place. "Wir werden für fünf Minuten hierbleiben" means to stay where you are for five minutes. http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/hierbleiben


Yep, thanks, that made it clear. Just for some reason I thought bleiben implied more of a long term 'staying' somewhere as opposed to short term. I think I got it confused with 'wohnen' a bit


Is the -en in 'bleiben' meant to be virtually silent?


How to write 'will' for different plurality?

It is confusing me. Will thank anyone who offers help.


do you mean "wollen"? Sorry, I know you wrote this 3 years ago, probably moved on a bit :)


I am a native German speaker and I do not know if I have too use "...will..." or "...going to...". Is there a rule or can I use what I want?


To me (native "American" speaker) I think either We "will"... or We "are going to"... work fine to indicate future action with non-movement but not with movement.


  • non-movement
    We will stay. We are going to stay. - Same meaning
    We will live here. We are going to live here. - Same meaning

There can be a slight difference in intent.
We are going to live here. - statement of fact
We will live here. - statement of intention - This is going to happen no matter what wants to interfere.

  • movement
    We are going to the bar. - good
    We will the bar. - totally wrong
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