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  5. "They speak English."

"They speak English."

Translation:One mówią po angielsku.

December 25, 2015



Is it not possible to say it without using the pronoun?


You can just say 'Mówią po angielsku'.


I wouldn't agree to that...since in polish the pronoun defines the gender of the group, oni(male plural ), and one(female plural)


Why do you need to define it every time? I certainly don't.


Does the action/subject matter have anything to do with choosing "one" or "oni"? ie, the act of speaking? Or is it about the group? Is it "one" = a group of women and "oni" = a group of men or mixed group? If a group of three women and one man are eating cookies, would i say "Oni jedzą cząsteczka?"


Yes. If there's at least one man in the group, then it's "oni", if there's no man, it's "one". That should work the same in Spanish, "oni" = "ellos" and "one" = "ellas".

"ciasteczka" :) "cząsteczka" means "a particle", but even if you wanted to say "They are eating a particle", that would need to be "Oni jedzą cząsteczkę".


Thank you! That makes perfect sense!

Ha!!!! My autocorrect messes me up on that sometimes. I was wondering what cząsteczka meant! That's funny! Yes, they are sharing a particle of a cookie hahaha. Thank you again!

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