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  5. "I need some water."

"I need some water."

Translation:Potrzebuję trochę wody.

December 25, 2015



Would "I need water" work without the "some"?


That would be "Potrzebuję wody.", which doesn't specify the quantity of water you need.

The most literal translation of "Potrzebuję trochę wody" would be "I need a bit of water", which specifies that you only need a small amount.


What about the other way then: 'potrzebuję wody' can be translated as 'I need some water', can't it? The 'some' doesn't imply only a small amount, it implies some amount or other


With water, it seems acceptable to consider "Potrzebuję wody" more or less the same thing. Added "I need water" and "Potrzebuję wody".


What about potrzebuję wodę? Woda being feminine would take ę for the accusative, yes? At least that's what's on my chart.


That's true, but "potrzebować" takes Genitive, not Accusative.


Doesn't potrzebować take Genitive? But trochę is Accusative, isn't it? Why is that?


"Trochę" is an adverb, so it inflects for neither gender nor case.


Wiki defines niektóry, when it is an adjective, as some. Does that only apply to people, or is it because this trochę is a numeral?


I'd say it can refer to countable objects: "niektórzy ludzie lubią owoce, inni lubią warzywa" (some people like fruits, others like vegetables). Also, I think that "niektóry" and other singular forms are rather a theory, they may exist in a table but I struggle to imagine them being used. "niektórzy" is, at least in my opinion, a plural pronoun.

"trochę" is "some" as in "a bit of", it mostly refers to the amount of something, usually uncountable I think, although it's surely not restricted to it. It can also mean "slightly/a bit", as in "Trochę tu gorąco" (It's a bit hot here).

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