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  5. "Sie wird ihn anzeigen."

"Sie wird ihn anzeigen."

Translation:She will report him to the police.

December 25, 2015



EVERYWHERE I've checked this could be She will show/report him. Where do they get this is always "to the police" ?


Duden defines the primary meaning as "Strafanzeige erstatten", and "Strafanzeige" as "Mitteilung einer Straftat an die Polizei oder Staatsanwaltschaft".

Basically, you are reporting a crime to an authority which has the authority to prosecute that crime.

So the recipient of such an "Anzeige, Strafanzeige" has to be someone with such authority to prosecute crime: for normal people, that's always the police.

You can report a lazy co-worker to your boss, but you can't "beim Chef Anzeige gegen den Mitarbeiter erstatten" or "den Mitarbeiter beim Chef anzeigen", not only because laziness is not a crime but also because your boss has no authority to prosecute it even if it were one (say, stealing).


Thank you, that is good to know... I appreciate your frank and exact answers.


The verb anzeigen can only mean report to the police when it is used with view to persons. If the object is not a person, it may mean something different (to display, for instance).


That is a very clear explanation. Thank you!


Why was I marked wrong for using "report on him" instead of "report him"? Isn't it the same thing?


I don't think they're the same. "Report on him" is like saying tell us about him. "Report him" is like saying tell on him.


and why not "she will show him?" Do you need to use what I beginning to call the silent "es"?


It doesn't mean showing him something.

Sie wird ihn anzeigen - she will report him (to the police)

Sie wird ihm etwas zeigen - she will show him something


that's a great answer. Thanks


Can't she report him to the store manager or restaurant manager?


Sure, but she wouldn't anzeigen him to those people, since they have no legal authority to investigate crimes.

She would rather melden (notify, report) the incident to them, or perhaps sich beschweren (complain) to them about him, or sagen (tell) them what happened.


Does Anzeigen mean to report to the police in a responsible manner. Might be my english mind grapling with German but the dual meaning with display an object makes it seem rather sinister - like outing or snitching on someone? "Sie wird ihn dem Stasi verpfeifen!"


Well, normally you would only report someone to the police who has committed a crime; if there is anything sinister in the act, it's the crime, not the reporting. I suppose you could call it outing or snitching for telling the police that you saw a burglar climb into your house.

But the term anzeigen itself is neutral.

You can use it for a burglar, or for your friend who did some insider trading that "didn't harm anyone".

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