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  5. "Listopad to nie tydzień."

"Listopad to nie tydzień."

Translation:November is not a week.

December 25, 2015



Funny thing...in Croatian 'listopad' is 'october'. Unbelievable :D


I wonder if this has something to do with the extra months being added by the Romans! The word might have existed then in both languages?


Sounds like "wistotat"


Why is the ,,nie,, after the verb ??

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I believe 'to' is not really a verb, but rather some sort of conjunction.


In Polish we place „nie” just before the thing we want to negate. „X to Y” expressions are however special and one can only place nie in one place, namely like that: „X to nie Y”.

If we had proper sentence: „Listopad nie jest tygodniem” or „Listopad jest nie-tygodniem”. That are two possibilities, that have slightly different meaning. The first corresponds to English „November is not a week.”. The latter is: „November is a not-month” - (November is a member of a group consisted of entities that aren't months”.


Thank you , help a lot


Another way to look at is that "to" is short for "to jest", and the long-form for the negative would be "to nie jest". So back to your question: Listopad to nie tydzień is short for Listopad to nie jest tydzień. Hence the "nie" comes after the "to"


it sounds like the audio is saying wistopad. Duo evens accepts wistopad to nie tydień. Very weird


The listening exercises have been bugged for a long time, I'm afraid. They do not inform you that you made a typo (or two) :(

I do not hear "wistopad", though, the audio sounds fine to me.

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