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  5. "Ben onu yapmayı sevmiyorum."

"Ben onu yapmayı sevmiyorum."

Translation:I do not like to do it.

December 25, 2015



Why is this yapmayı and not yapmamı


Because it's infinitive. Yapmamı would be used if there was a relative clause.

I do not like (the fact) that I do it. - Ben onu yapmamı sevmiyorum.
I do not like to do it. - Ben onu yapmayı sevmiyorum.


So we can say "ben onu yapmak istimiyorum" as another solution,as it is inf


When the subject of the main verb and the gerund phrase are the same, you do not use the possessive ending on the gerund :)

The exception is when orde90 was talking about above. Unless you really want to stress "my doing it" there is no need.


İsn't the subject "ben" and the gerund phrase "yapma"? That is, not the same?


Help me out of a sudden confusion pls :) my rule of thumb to avoid the gerund was if the subject is the same all around, use the infinitive. Bunu yapmak sevmiyorum - is that correct? or does it absolutely need to be yapmayı (because sevmek requires the accusative)?


Can one use 'yapmağı' instead and does it give a different meaning?


I gave the correct answer but it tells me i am wrong and it won't let me progress


In another discussion Alex explained that this form was used 50-60 years ago, but it is not used any longer.


But you know he had to do it to em.


I was thinking I might be the only dirty-minded person who originally read "onu" as "him" or "her."


I do not like DOING it. GERUND!!!

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