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  5. "O döndü, artık burada."

"O döndü, artık burada."

Translation:He returned, now he is here.

December 25, 2015



i thought the word ARTIK means "no longer or no more" how come the artik burada" means " now he is here?" is'nt it supposed to be "HE IS NO LONGER HERE"???????? thank you, and happy holidays!


it only means "no longer" if the sentence is negative; "o artık burada değil"

[deactivated user]

    It has also the meaning ''from now on''.


    hello in spanish we have the direct translation, that is ya, but in english i think there is not a direct translation so i want to explain to you, artik means something like is done, like you are done and you don´t want more chocolate, so you have to say, i don´t want artik more chocolate XD, or like, that someone came home so you say, artik o eve geldi, is like it´s done he came home, something related to now, like is done just now, look , also ¨from now on¨ seems like is related to ´is done´, like is done and from now on i will make exercise, artik i will make exercise. i hope you can understand a bit more, sorry if i confused you more or i f i had grammar mistakes


    How come you accept "He came back, it's here now.", but not "He came, he is here now"?


    Wooow, such a wrong answer

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