"Dlaczego mi nie pomagacie?"

Translation:Why are you not helping me?

December 25, 2015

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Why is it 'mi' and not 'mnie' ?


It could potentially be 'mnie', but that would give a strangely strong emphasis. 'mnie' is the emphatic form.


Can I say:dlaczego nie pomagacie mi?


It violates the 'don't put a pronoun at the end of the sentence if possible' principle.


Could the question also be worded as "Dlaczego nie mi pomagacie"?


This word order negates "me" instead of "helping me", as it should. So it's like saying "Why are you helping someone else?".

And even if you really meant that, then this pronoun has an emphasized variant that would need to be used here: "mnie". "Dlaczego nie mnie pomagacie?". Still odd, though.


So the sentence "Pomagacie mi" had better be phrased "Mi pomagacie"? Or is there also a stronger rule: 'don't put a pronoun at the beginning of the sentence if possible'?


Arh Luke the force is strong in this sentence, obi says


Can be a correct translation why don't you help me? ?


It's accepted, although I wonder if it should be - isn't it rather a suggestion: "Hey, how about you stop playing video games and help me with the cleaning!"? That would be said in Polish in a completely different way, e.g. "Może mi pomożecie?" (literally "Maybe you will help me?", in meaning closer to "Maybe you should help me?").


I think Andrei's translation can be interpreted both ways in English, but depending on tone of voice and/or context. If "why don't you help me?" is written out of context like this I would probably assume it's a suggestion, as you said

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