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  5. "To twoja chwila."

"To twoja chwila."

Translation:It is your moment.

December 25, 2015



I like to look at words and try to find a synonym, or a word that looks (at least partly) like it in English, or a common syllable, to help me remember. This one looks like "while", so (remembering that it's not actually that) I can recall its meaning more easily.


According to Wiktionary, "chwila" actually comes from the same origin as "while". In Old English the word was "hwil"; in some Scandinavian languages it's "hvila". Apparently Polish borrowed the word from a Germanic language, many years ago.

(By the way, English spelling "wh" is usually a sign that the word was pronounced with "hw" many years ago.)



That's what I've been doing lately. I associated this one "villa" . Just make sure to not get it confused.


Chwilina means a minute in Belarus:)


Ah, its so easy for you fellow Slavs, so many words and roots of words in common!


However, what do you do when "godzina" means "hour" in Polish and "godina" means "year" in Serbian? :D More examples: https://en.m.wikibooks.org/wiki/False_Friends_of_the_Slavist


In ukraine too. And chwilja it is a wave.


What is 'this is your moment'?


I believe something like "your 15 minutes" (usually 5 in Polish), as Andy Warhol talked about.


Could it be "this is your turn," as in time to play a card, or do one's individual performance?


Not really, maaaybe the 'individual performance' but still on the level of 'your 15 minutes' rather than a normal phrase.

"your turn" is "twoja kolej".


"This is your chance!!! Your big break!! Your fifteen minutes of fame!! Now get out there and fufill your dreams!!" That kind of thing. At least, that's how I portrayed it :>


How would one pronounce the "h" and "v" sound next to one another? Does this end up sounding like an "f"?


Wouldn't "This your time" be correct? Means the same.


Okay, added "This is your time". I wouldn't say "To jest twój czas" in Polish, so I guess it can work here.


More problems with indistinct audio. "Chwila" comes across as "fina." (I am using good quality headphones.) I had to leave the last word blank because I could not recognize the word in the synthesized audio. Now that I know that when I hear "fina" the word actually is "chwila" I will be able to transcribe this sentence correctly the next time around.


I wouldn't say it's "fina", but there's something weird about the male voice saying "chwila", I disabled it for the audio exercises.

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