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  5. "To moja kuchenka."

"To moja kuchenka."

Translation:It is my stove.

December 25, 2015



Is "kitchenette" also a valuable translation of "kuchenka" ?


The word you are looking for is "aneks kuchenny" (a small kitchen, usually being a part of another room).


Why is this Nominative? Shouldn't it be Genitive (to show possession), or is the word spelled the same in each case?


You would use the genitive when describing the fact that your stove possesses something, e.g. "To palnik mojej kuchenki" = "It is the burner of my stove" ("palnik" is in nominative (exactly like "kuchenka" in "To jest moja kuchenka"), but "kuchenka" is in genitive).


In British English, we call it a 'hob'


From what I understand (and looking at Google Graphics), a hob is only the top part of a stove.


Oh hang on, so a stove is including the oven? I thought they called ovens ovens. Ah now I think about it, I seem to remember hearing the word 'stovetop' at some point, so that must be what they call a hob, and then the oven is the other part of their 'stove'. Ok. So back to Polish, the kuchenka is the whole thing, oven plus hob, is that what you're saying? And oven is piekarnika, right? So what's a hob called?


'oven' is 'piekarnik'

I believe that 'hob' is 'płyta grzejna'.


shouldn't "this is my stove" also be accepted?


Yes, it should, and it is.


It is not accepted now


It is an accepted answer. Maybe you had a typo somewhere and it corrected you to the main answer, which has "It".


So when is stove "pieca"? & when is it "kuchenka"?


"pieca" is Genitive, the basic form is "piec".

Geez, I don't know, I think it would be best to use Google Graphics... frankly, I remember having doubts about accepting "piec". Oh, rather google "piec kuchenny" for it, otherwise the results will be too different.

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