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  5. "Vi skulle ha gått på kino."

"Vi skulle ha gått kino."

Translation:We should have gone to the movies.

December 25, 2015



Gått på kino = gone to the cinema? Gone to cinema doesn't make sense or am I missing something?


we were supposed to have gone to the cinema...what part of that doesn't make sense?


The Norwegian translation is in the indefinite form while the English one is in the definite. My question was about why isn't the definite English article ('the') omitted.


To go to the movies or the cinema is a set phrase in English. I'm going to movies or cinema does not sound natural in English.


I know what you are saying. It's not a particular cinema, so it's not kinoEN. "På kino" would roughly be translated to "the movies". If you think about it, it doesn't make more sense to go to "the movies", as if there's a magical place where you can see every movie ever made


Should have gone is a very colloquial translation of the future perfect. There is a clear distinction between "we should have gone to the cinema" and "we were supposed to have gone". The latter is more like "det var meningen at vi skulle ha gått"


Yes! I totally agree.

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