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"O bir yıldız değildir ama bir gezegendir."

Translation:It is not a star but a planet.

December 25, 2015



In the interest of making new words easy to remember, I'm going to continue with the speculation started elsewhere in this skill, imagining myself in the saddle of an alp of the Oghuz Turks finding his way back to camp by the signs of the night sky.

Can it be another coincidence that the word for star starts with "yıl," the word for "year"? After all, the sun appears to "move" in a circle (the zodiac) with what used to be called the celestial sphere in the background, following a cycle lasting 365 days or so. At night, the constellations seen at 10 PM change gradually each day, a process that won't repeat until another year has passed. (Unfortunately, at this time I can't guess what "dız" might mean.)

This might be an overreach, but it's worth noting that the first syllable in the word for "planet" is "gez," the root of our old friend "gezmek," or "walking/wandering around." That's significant, because the ancients, notably the Greeks who coined the word, thought of the planets as wandering stars distinct from the ones "fixed" in the celestial sphere at the edge of the universe. It is another reminder of the great antiquity of the Turkic languages.


'It is not a star but' is a planet' was marked incorrect. The correct version given was 'It is not a star but is a planet. We would not say 'It is a start but it is a planet'


The correct answer is "It is not a star but a planet" but I don't think yours is wrong. I put "it is not one star but one planet". I don't think mine is wrong also. Bir means "one" and "a"


I tried "it is not a star but it is a planet" and it was accepted


What is the Morning Star / Evening Star? (Venus)


Sabah Yıldızı / Akşam Yıldızı / Tan Yıldızı / Çoban Yıldızı / Çolpan / Zühre (All refers to Venus in Turkish Culture) https://tr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ven%C3%BCs

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