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  5. "детская книга"

"детская книга"

Translation:a children's book

December 25, 2015



Shouldn't kids book be accepted? They're synonymous in English.


is there any reason for this to be spelt with тс instead of ц? like, is it because it's derived from some other word

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it's derived from «де́ти» 'children' (-и is the plural nominative ending, дет- is the stem) with the suffix -ск-.

    The suffix -ск- is very common. You can see it most language names: англи́йский 'English', кита́йский 'Chinese'. You can make an adjective form most place names with it: лиссабо́нская гости́ница 'Lisbon hotel', гонко́нгский ве́чер 'Hong Kong evening'.

    It's also used many, many other adjectives like де́тский, but you can't guess: some words use it, some don't. Де́тский 'related to children' uses -ск-, but взро́слый 'adult, related to adults' doesn't use it.


    де́т-ская ‧ Новая дет-ская книга ‧ Комсомольская правда ‧ books.google.com/books?isbn=5457751937

    тс ‧ т-с ‧ [ е́т-ск ] ‧ [ де́т-ская ] ‧ are separate syllables


    "children's literature" ‧ 11.4 Million hits ‧ www.google.com/search?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children's_literature

    "kids' literature" ‧ 0.3 Million hits ‧ www.google.com/search?


    Good evening,

    Why is "детская тарелка" translated as "A child's plate" or "plate for a child", while "детская книга" is translated as "book for children" ? I'm at a loss (my native language is not english, but i'm still at a loss on this translation...)

    Thanks in advance :)


    "a plate for children" is also correct. The meaning of the expression is to show that the object is supposed to be used by children.


    "детская" is pronounced "детска", am I right?


    Sounds like it, and Google translate pronounces it the same. https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=en&tl=ru&text=children's%20book and click the "loudspeaker" sign.


    No, theres "Я" on the ending and its always pronounce like a long "iya"


    I'm not sure why this sentence is here? The sentence is rather about possessives than adjectives or am I wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      No, «де́тская» 'children's' in an adjective in Russian.


      A childish book. - Accepted.


      Why is this not in genitive?


      As is written higher up, "«де́тская» 'children's' in an adjective in Russian.".


      why it won't accept "the children's book"

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