"Które jabłka są smaczne?"

Translation:Which apples are tasty?

December 25, 2015

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how is "które" pronounced? I think this speaker is saying it weird.


Apart from the fact that it's surprisingly fast, that does seem okay.

I don't know if you know, but Ó in Polish is always the same sound as U. Maybe this is what seemed weird for you?


I made a mistake writing "are good" but the correction was "taste good". Even though I get that this is a valid translation, the litteral one is " are tasty", is there a reason why it shows this one over the other?


"taste good" is a different verb from "are tasty"...I'm guessing you're an English speaker?

Well I'm one and I know I often switch between verbs unintentionally when trying to explain things and it really confuses my non-English native-speaking friends. To me I'm expressing the same concepts but all they hear is a load of different verbs and its hard for them to keep up.

Anyway, now its showing the correct translation as "are tasty"


I'm sorry but the audio on this makes the word jablka sound like "ya-booo-ka" So I thought he was saying a roll was tasty? I know what the word for apple is. My Polish Grandma said it often to me. But the answer surprised me when it showed up APPLE.


It's not an easy word to pronounce, so people often skip the -ł- part.


For the word smaczne would nice be also accepted? For that sentence 'Which apples are nice/tasty'


apples are good is a perfect translation. I don't know a single person in almost 30 years that actually describe something as tasty. We use good.


We usually accept "good" for "tasty", it was missing here. Added now.


Is that in america?

In London, we say 'this is tasty' as often as we say 'this tastes good' or 'this tastes nice'

Only young children say 'this is yummy'. Not used by adults normally


When translating from English, a correct sentence could also be: "jakie jabłka są smaczne?" However, this has a completely different meaning. It means: "what type of apples are tasty?"

Just an interesting observation I've made during my Polish studies. Great language, Polish! :) "


Well, we do try to keep strictly to "which" = "który" and "what (type of)" = "jaki", even if in English they may be closer than they are in Polish ;)

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