"Мама не курит."

Translation:Mom doesn't smoke.

December 25, 2015



Is there anyway to remove the confusion between 'mom is not smoking' and 'mom does not smoke'?

January 12, 2016


Generally, no. These forms are the same. But you can use special words (so, actually, you can remove the confusion) - you can use the word прямо сейчас (right now) if you want to emphasize that she is not smoking right now.

January 12, 2016


Are there any qualifiers to make it sound habitual?

January 29, 2016


Of course! Firstly, if you are not using any words, the native speaker would think that the mother doesn't smoke at all. But if there are some misunderstandings, you can add such words: никогда (Мама никогда не курит - Mom never smokes), вообще - generally, at all (Мама вообще не курит - Mom doesn't smoke at all).

January 29, 2016


I hear "mama ne kulit" is this just me?

January 29, 2017


It really does. They should fix that

February 22, 2018


If one this were true...Russians smoke a lot, at least in my experience.

March 1, 2017


And again six repetitions in a row. That isn't learning, it is a waste of time!

January 15, 2018


I'm using the android app-- did anyone else just get this question like 5 times in a row?

January 16, 2018


I've noticed that the pronunciation is wrong on a few of these Russian lessons. They need to fix the lady's voice from all those years of smoking, am I right?

November 11, 2018



January 25, 2019


"Mom does not smoke" fails!

November 29, 2017


"Mom don't smoke" is certainly a common American turn of speech but it was marked wrong. (Yes, I know it should be 'doesn't', but people say it and everyone understands it)

December 25, 2015


I suppose that is a very colloquial variant. Duolingo works only with the grammatically correct words, the words that are accepted in the literary (common) language.

December 26, 2015
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