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  5. "Slik kan vi redde skogen."

"Slik kan vi redde skogen."

Translation:This is how we can save the forest.

December 25, 2015



It seems to me that the word "slik" is similar to English "thus" and therefor means "in this manner.."


I really don't get this "V2" language... Can anyone explain clearly that in which way should I use the verb when it has to located before the noun in a sentence? How can I distinguish it? I'm too much confused.


In this sentence there are two verbs: "kan" and "redde". "Kan" is the finite verb, that is the one with a subject and forming the root of the clause. The V2 rule says that this verb has to be the second idea in the main clause of a sentence. In this case "Slik" begins the sentence and is therefore the first idea. We cannot now say "Slik vi kan" as "vi" is a second idea and would push "kan" into an illegal third place. As we've decided to start with "Slik" we have to put the finite verb "kan" next and demote the subject "vi" to third place.


It's about main clause vs relative clauses. I'm not an expert but I think that Norwegian and other North Germanic Languages have verb-initial relative clauses. German and Dutch, on the other hand, have verb-final relative clauses.


Could you also say så kan vi redde skogen?


Like such/as such is wrong?

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