"I love my career."

अनुवाद:मुझे अपने करियर से प्यार है।

December 25, 2015

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मुझे मेरा पेशा पसंद है या मुझे मेरा व्यवसाय पसंद है why is it wrong


पसंद करना = to like


Yes, you are write. In my thoughts some cases in speaking "love" and "like" both are equal. I also translate this sentence into English on Google translator they show, " I love my profession ". They give equal preference "like" and "love".


Ammm, almost...

Google Translate is not always correct, and can not be fully trusted for accuracy.

However, it still remains the most easily available and free initial mode of translation between languages and proving very strong in breaking the communication barriers between people speaking different languages. :)


I love my career


I love my career


Many of time love and like both are same ..


मुझे अपने पेशे से प्यार है What is wrong with it

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