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  5. "Це моє домашнє завдання."

"Це моє домашнє завдання."

Translation:This is my homework.

December 25, 2015



I have heard native Ukrainian speakers use the phrase "home task," but it is not a phrase used by native English speakers. I'm just puzzled why Duolingo did accept the word "It" for "Це."


I agree that it should be "homework."

Це is the Ukrainian for the gender-neuter noun determiner "this," but it also translates as the nouns "this," "that," and "it."

Це яблуко [noun determiner for a gender-neuter noun] впало з дерева.

{This apple} fell from the tree.

Це [n., all genders] впало з дерева.

{This} fell from the tree.

{That} fell from the tree.

{It} fell from the tree.


"it's my home task" - why wrong?


So... what's a home task?

[deactivated user]

    «Дома́шнє завда́ння» is homework, a school assignment that people are supposed to do at home.


    Exactly, so homework must be accepted as an answer.


    Oh nobody says home task, afaik it's only referred to as homework.


    It may sound bizarre but it seems the term is used regularly by English teachers all around the post-Soviet territory.

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