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  5. "Bu şişedeki su tuzlu!"

"Bu şişedeki su tuzlu!"

Translation:The water in this bottle is salty!

December 26, 2015



Would "şişedeki bu su tuzlu!" be a way of saying 'this water is in the bottle is salty'?


yes if you mean 'this water in the bottle is salty'


Yes, thank you! That was a typo on my part.


How do I say This water in the bottle is with salt?


"şişedeki bu su tuzlu!"


Can we say ' bu şişede su tuzlu ? ' and what would be its English translation ? I am a little bit confused , is there a difference in the overall meaning ?


No, because "bu şişede" is not really an adjective. This is described in the Tips for the ki lesson.


What about" the salty water is in this bottle"


Tuzlu su bu şişede.


This word order seems weird even for Turkish. Why isn't "su" the first word in the sentence?


turkish is different from english in this case. bu şişede is in this bottle. -ki suffix makes 'bu şişede' an adjective. 'bu şişedeki' defines 'su', it is an adjective and it is written before the noun because it is an adjective. another example for it:

bahçedeki araba çok eski( the car is in the garden is very old)


Could you translate this to "This bottle of water?


what is salt water then? or is that tuz sulu

i said "this is a bottle of salt water" but maybe this is colloquial ? either way it was not accepted


"Saltwater" (as a noun) would be "tuzlu su."

This is a bottle of salt water --> Bu bir şişe tuzlu su.


is there a difference between "su tuzlu" and "tuzlu su"?


Adjectives need to come before whatever they modify, so "tuzlu su" is going to have to most typical meanings -- "salty water" and "saltwater."

When you see "su tuzlu" -- it's not so much that the "tuzlu" comes after "su" -- but that it comes before the verb, in the role of a manner-adverb, like if you were eating/drinking/ordering something "with salt."


Something is missing.. I think it should be "which is in the bottle".. Değil mi?


"That /which is in..." can be stated explicitly or not without changing the meaning.


"The water is salty in this bottle" was marked wrong. Can someone explain please?


That is the phrasing we are trying to avoid with -ki -- maybe "Su bu şişede tuzludur."? It makes it sound like the bottle is what is causing the saltiness.


I needed ki on burada for the wine in this bottle "Buradaki şişedeki şarabı" but don't need ki on bu for the water in this bottle "Bu şişedeki su" . Is this because "burada" is locative and "bu" is not?


That sentence was about wine "which is here in the bottle" (lit. which is in the bottle which is here) -- a double-layer of -ki location-adjectives. In this sentence "bu" is only determiner, and a 2nd -ki wouldn't make sense (which is in the bottle which is this...?).

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