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  5. "I have a child."

"I have a child."

Translation:Mam dziecko.

December 26, 2015



To be clear, in Polish is it always ok to leave out the pronoun that precedes a conjugated verb?


I have a jetski but i dont like to brag!


"Mam dziecki" should be accepted? the "o" is because a dzieko is a neutral word, not male or female... a litle bit dizzy for a beginner like me...


Yes, "dziecko" is neuter.

"Mam dziecki" sounds like a joking way to say "I have children", using a wrong form on purpose ;) The real plural is "dzieci".


Ok Jellei, thanks again. So: Mam dziecko - I have a child (only one) Mam dziecki - I have children (2 or more)

Bardzo dziekuje za informacje. :-)


No no no, that was a joke! "Mam dzieci" is "I have children".

"Mam dziecki" is something that King Julian from the movie "Madagascar" could say. It's not correct.


Ah!! Damn! I wrote an extra "C".... Now i get the idea. Dziecko/ Dzieci Singular/plural

Dziecki otherwise means "thanks!"

And there is only a letter of diference.

Thanks again!


"Dzięki" means "Thanks". With a clear "ę" and lack of any "c".

Let's put any linguistic jokes aside and say that "dziecki" is just not a word.

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