"Kocham mojego chłopaka."

Translation:I love my boyfriend.

December 26, 2015

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Random question... Why doesn't polish have stories as a part of the language learning process, like other languages (such as Spanish)?


Only several languages have them, and those are languages that have been worked on by staff, not by volunteering teams. There is some hope that Stories will be created for more languages, but we do not know if and when this will happen.

On a separate note, it's more difficult to create Stories for such languages as Polish. Due to Polish having... well, more complicated grammar, you'd need to be more advanced in Polish to be able to understand the grammar in the story, compared to the level of Spanish needed to write exactly the same story.


Can you recommend any polish cartoons which maybe 2-4 year olds watch (not older like 6 or 7 cos that will be too complicated I feel)

But not cartoons which are to entertain kids when their parents are busy, (eg paw patrol) but more like the educational cartoons which (indirectly, through simple, daily life-stories) are designed to slowly teach children everyday vocabulary and grammar.

Any suggestions?


I feel like this would probably be a question for learners rather than for a native ;) Nothing comes to my mind.


i think it is genitive, there are verbs that require the genitive


No this verb is transitive, which means the object "boyfriend" is in the accusative.

but because its an masc. singular animate noun,. it takes the same declension as genitive

m. sg. gen. an. = "-a"

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