"Co jecie?"

Translation:What are you eating?

December 26, 2015

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How many versions of each question word are there? And how does one know when to use each one?


6 (?) - form depends on the case used:

N kto? co?

G kogo? czego?

D komu? czemu?

A kogo? co?

I (z) kim? (z) czym?

L (o) kim? (o) czym?

So there are basicly 4 different form of 'kto' 'co', but the same forms need different cases.

I don't think there is a section for the question words above. My advice is: try asking questions when you encounter a sentence that uses nouns in Gen, Dat, Acc ..:

Kaczka idzie z psem (Instrumental) (A duck is walking with a dog) - Z kim(czym) idzie kaczka?


IMHO "What are you all eating?" should be accepted. Other Duolingo courses require you to differentiate between the singular and plural 'you'.


I don't know any course that 'requires' it... but sure, we accept "you all". It was missing here, added now.

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