"Where is aunt Toma?"

Translation:Де тітка Тома?

December 26, 2015

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where should I go to learn how to write the words ? where can I go to learn their alphabet


1) Go to 'Google Play Store'. 2) In the 'Search for apps & games' window, type: 'UKRAINIAN KEYBOARD'. A bunch of choices pop up that you can choose from. 3) Pick a Ukrainian Keyboard app of your choice & install it. 4) Make sure it has ALL Ukrainian letters, such as 'ґ' (g) and others - as Ukrainian IS a different language from Russian and has different letters & sounds.

ALSO, I suggest to install 'GOOGLE TRANSLATE' which will help a lot in translating words when needed.

Good luck! And don't be discouraged. Keep it up! You'll be amazed in the long run. :)


No чоча or тета? Seems overly strict allowing only for a single translation for such a basic word?!


What's wrong with: Де є тітка Тома?


we also say like that but it's kinda doesn't matter + say де тітка Тома it's just shorter and faster


If my keyboard has no Cyrillic letters, I will always have it wrong. What should I do?

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