"Er der en måde at forhindre det?"

Translation:Is there a way to prevent it?

3 years ago



That's cool, I wonder if that is the root of the word hinder in English?

3 years ago


I like forhindre for this reason, too. My dictionary says the English word hinder is of Germanic origin and traces it through middle and old English. I would guess that hinder and forhindre have a common, older root. I often feel like Danish sounds a bit like Shakespearean English.

3 years ago


Er der en måde at forhindre det på? Har i ikke glemt : på ??

2 years ago

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If you want to put the "på" there you could, but the sentence makes perfect sense without it.

2 years ago

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Is there a way of preventing it -- sounds more natural in English but it's not acceptable on duolingo

1 year ago


Du kan ikke stoppe Ragnarok!

11 months ago


Hvorfor kan man sige- "Er der en måde TIL at forbindre det?"

9 months ago
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