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  5. "C'est ici qu'elle vit."

"C'est ici qu'elle vit."

Translation:Here is where she lives.

January 11, 2013



I find it confusing that the translation uses "where she lives" for "qu'elle" instead of something that has "ou" to imply "where". A translation of "It is here that she lives" would make sense, but not sound entirely colloquial in English.


You got it, you have here a conflict between a direct translation and two colloquial expressions not quite matching.


Is "this is the place she lives" correct?


Could one not say "This here is where she lives" or is my english tripping me up again?


I think your English is incorrect...


Try "It's here that she lives." ... (worked for me.)


"It is here she lives" was rejected, Why?


I think your English is just fine, the idea behind the sentence is exactly the same and the translation the most accurate yet :)


'It is hear she lives" was my solution. Since I'm not a native English speaker I don't understand why is'n it correct.


I said "It's here she lives" (so, spelled correctly) and it was marked wrong. The "that" that they require "It's here that she lives" is definitely not necessary in English, and is in fact extraneous, though not actually incorrect. If I were editing a document I would chop the "that" out.


"here", not "hear"


It is here where she lives .. was accepted.


"It is here she lives" was marked wrong because i didn't use the word "that"


why should i put that?


Is it still possible to say "c'est ici où elle vit"?


A bit unnatural in my view, with an adverb of location + a relative pronoun of location.

Remember that "où" is a relative pronoun as well, that you can best use with a noun as antecedent:

  • c'est l'endroit où elle vit (this is the place where she lives)


If I have learnt one thing during this course, that'll be the French don't like to be repetitive or redundant the way they talk.
They do their best not to repeat the focus point of the talk twice in a sentence or in a conversation.
And this is how I understand your explanation :)


Why wouldn't this be "Ici c'est qu'elle vit"? Because wouldn't putting "ici" in the front make more sense? Merci


"It is here NULL she lives"...that wad the solution they gave me but that makes no sense! I wrote "it is here she lives". Lol @ NULL


As you can tell, this is a new bug, appearing in our course, in the reverse course and others as well. Let's hope they'll fix it soon enough!


"Here she lives" is more than correct. Why dont you accept it?!?!?


It's just the wrong word order. "She lives here" is what you would say. This sentence seems to be trying to stress the HERE though. It's HERE she lives. Instead of over there-- where you thought she lived.

I don't think Duo is teaching a Yoda dialect, which is what Here she lives sounds like.


I thougt "here she lives" would be correct for the same reasons that "here we are", "there she goes", etc. are correct. I'm not a native English speaker though so I may be missing something here...


I see your logic. After thinking about it, I think is because your examples are "set phrases." "Here we are" could mean "We are here," or it could mean we have just found something we were looking for. For example, 2 people searching for lost keys suddenly find them and say "Here we are/go."

"There she goes," however, does not mean "She goes there." For example, if I have been looking for someone and suddenly see her walking away, I might say "There she goes," or if she's walking toward me, "Here she comes."

It can also be used as an idiom, for example, a friend has come up with crazy ideas in the past, and now she has a new one that she's going to try, I might turn to another friend and say "There she goes," with an unspoken addition to the phrase being: again, off on one of her crazy ideas.


What does ici mean in this sentence?


This sentence = a great title for a book


Wouldn't it be more logical if it was this is where she lives?


Ici means here.... Why does it mean where in this sentence?


Ici is here, not where.


Would a native speaker say '' Elle vit ici.''


Yes, or "elle habite ici", when no emphasis is intended.


French is crazy!! Many sentences are very confusing, I try to translate into English, it does not work. Then I try with Spanish, Nope. Certain expressions are just French!! There is no other thing to do than memorize them



"Es aquí (el lugar en) que ella vive" =

"Es aquí que ella vive" =

"C'est ici qu'elle vit"

I hope this helps you remember this "crazy" sentence :)

Jan 15th 2019.

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