"Dlaczego znowu dzwonicie?"

Translation:Why are you calling again?

December 26, 2015

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I can see this being taken to mean one of two things:

"Why are you calling for a second time?" "Could you tell my again why you are calling?"

I suspect it means the first, but the Polish word order makes it unclear to me and I'd just like someone to confirm.


Yes, the first meaning is right. For the second one you need something like: "Jeszcze raz, dlaczego dzwonisz".


Can you use ponownie here?


Yes, it suits the sentence quite well. However, I'd put it after the verb (dzwonicie ponownie). Which I've added now.


Jellei, i didn't know how best to get hold of you but, could you or another admin please look at the group I am in and sort out a new admin for us (i dont mind doing it) as most of the group is on a 0 day streak with 0 experience and have not been active for at least two months. Dziękuję za pomoc!


Hi Duo, (Jellei) just wondering if the speech speed can be set much slower....on most speakers, at least for me, it comes out garbled and hard to distinguish...Thanx


Well, in the 'type what you hear' exercise you can have the 'turtle audio'... and that's all, I'm afraid.


How is "dzwonicie" interpreted here instead of "dzwonisz"? As only one person can physically call at a time, is the plural form here used when I am talking to someone from a company (e.g. Telesales)?


It's probably not the company context, but imagine that your dad is calling you, but you can hear your mom as well because they're on speaker.

Anyway, it's perhaps safer to change the main version to the singular.

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