"We do not love her."

Translation:Nie kochamy jej.

December 26, 2015

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why couldn't it be nie kochamy ja?


Kochamy ją (Accussative) BUT Nie kochamy jej (Genitive).


Certain negative sentences use the genitive for the direct object. It's weird.


Nouns and pronouns that would otherwise be in the accusative take the genitive when the sentence is a negation.

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I suddenly realized that some personal pronouns have different forms for accusative and genitive, unlike Russian.


luless is not clueless!


Thanks. I was wondering the same.


Jej nie kochamy isn't right?


It is correct, but nor natural word order. It puts much much more stress on "JEJ".


What if the context of that sentence wanted an emphasis on HER? Would it be grammatically incorrect still?


It is grammatically correct, it's just really, really unusual.

It's like "Well, true, we said that we love everyone, but Anna... no, her we do not love".


Perfect, thank you


I am not sure why "Nie jej kochamy" is incorrect. I was trying to avoid putting the pronoun at the end of the sentence.


You need to negate the verb here, not the pronoun. Your sentence means: "It is not her who we love". Too much emphasis on the "her".

In three word sentences, where one word is"nie", there is no other way than to put the pronoun at the end, so it's totally acceptable.


Actually "Nie jej kochamy" is simply wrong, if it was "It is not her who we love" that would be "Nie ją kochamy" (we didn't negate the verb, so there's no Accusative to Genitive change).


I am polish and it can be both ways


That is sad for her.


Why why why, Nie kochamy ją is incorrect? I wrote in my notes "jej" is if something belongs to her as "jej psa" and "ją" is referring to her self person as "lubię ją"


The verb "kochać" (to love) takes Accusative.

"ją" is the Accusative form of "ona" (she), and it translates to "her" as in "I love her".

"jej" is the possessive "her" as in "I like her dog".

"jej" is also the Genitive form of "ona".

If you negate a verb that normally takes Accusative, it takes Genitive instead.


Will you please explain why "jej" is used instead of "ją"?


Is there a rule for telling what verbs require genitive versus accusative? I keep making the wrong call and its getting irritating


In this example it's a different thing: "kochać" takes Accusative (Kochamy ją), but it's negated here, and if you negate a verb that takes Accusative, it takes Genitive instead (Nie kochamy jej).

But your question is still valid of course - br0d4 compiled a great guide on Genitive, including a whole list of verbs, here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16569658

Fun fact (ok, not that fun maybe) - many native speakers use Accusative with some common verbs that should take Genitive.


Following on from the previous translations I have seen, I was sure that "My jej nie kochamy" would be correct. Would it have been?

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