"улицы города"

Translation:the streets of the city

December 26, 2015

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How about "The city's steets"? As in "in the city's posession"?


I gave the same answer but it wasn't accepted :/


Still not accepted in june 2018


i put city streets and it was accepted


It wasn't accepted for me - January 25, 2020


February 22, 2020...nothing yet :")


it allow "city streets" in september 2021


Do улица and улицы sound the same to anyone else?


I had several Russian classes 45-50 years ago. At that time, I was taught that unstressed а and о get pronounced like "eh" - but that unstressed ы and и still have a distinctive "ee" sound. I never hear that with the speakers in this course. Personally, I'm not happy with the speakers in this course and believe the program should be more lenient when it determines whether or not an entry is correct.


It sounds like the audio is saying „города́“ instead of „го́рода“.


Actually, in case of города it can be both. According to wikipedia, the stress on the first vowel is for the singular. In plural, the stress is on the last vowel.

So I BELIEVE that in this case it is singular, and should be го́рода. The text to speech confused it with the plural nominative, "города́".


Right; the stress should be on the first syllable in this case, because the города is is in the genitive in this sentence, not the nom. plural.


Could "city streets" be accepted? I didn't try it but it would probably be the most natural translation... unless the possessive intent is important here (i.e. referring to a specific city rather than the fact that the streets are, in fact, in a city)


"City streets" would be "городские улицы", it is a little different sentence.


That was indeed my answer (for the reason you state, thinking the possessive is implied) and it was accepted.


The city streets was accepted for me


Is there any difference in pronounciation between "улицы" and "улица"? To me it sounds like they're both being pronounced like "улица"...I don't hear that "ы" vowel at all.


гОрода and not городА, wrong stress in the audio.


what cases are these words


улицы - nominative plural города - genitive singular (because it indicates ownership)


Actually улицы is also genitive singular, so the sentence could also mean "of the city street". Am I correct ?


Yes, or similarly "of the street of the city " (using of is not so common in English as 's, but it keeps Russian order so it is helpful to think of it that way).

I guess that that is an even less complete sentence, not even a full noun phrase, so it does not fit in duolingo's context (but it would totally be the right translation as a part of a larger sentence).


In russian "улицы гОрода", please, remember it


Sounds wrong улицы городА, but Улицы ГОрода it is correct.


I put "streets in the city" and it was marked weong. How would you know "of" would be used here?


"Streets in the city" would be "улицы в городе".


Why is there no translation here?


I thought улицы meant "outside" my whole life???


that's на улице


Since the closing syllable on "улицы" isn't stressed - and a previous less specifically stated that unstressed that unstressed ы, и, а, о, and е all sound the same - then "улица города" should be an acceptable answer.


no it shouldn't because then it wouldn't be plural. unstressed ы is more like 'ih'


It doesn't have to be plural to be "a city street." Although "streets of the city" certainly matches word order (assuming plural streets), "a city street" should be acceptable (assuming singular street). My point is that "ih" or "eh" (or the "schwa" sound in English pronunciation) are so close that unless there is context to provide more information, either answer should be accepted. Had the speaker said something like "Улицы города очень чистые." then it would have been obvious that the speaker was referring to more than one street.


А О sound the same unstressed.

Е И also sound the same.

Unstressed Я before the stressed syllable also sounds the same as и (язык, пятнадцать) but not everywhere (недели and неделя do not sound the same)

I do not think that Ы and А ever sound the same, even when unstressed. However, when native speakers pronounce them quickly, the difference is very little. Also, hard and soft vowels change the previous consonant in different ways, regardless of stress (although ш ц ж щ ч are exceptions and this consonants are not affected at all in modern russian).


I may be hallucinating, but I believe a previous Duolingo lesson specifically stated that the unstressed terminating vowels would all sound the same (which is NOT what I learned 45-50 years ago). However, I have found that the speakers in this course are not consistent - which is fine. I am not expecting the speakers to be "perfect" and understand that we are supposed to be training our ears for the subtle differences. However, given the gray areas into which we're delving, I wish the program would provide some fuzzy responses such as, "CORRECT! Although, "улицы города" matches more closely."


Streets of a city. - Accepted.


Why is "streets of city" translated both as улице and улицы? Which one is the nominative plural?


The city streets didnt work for me either Feb 21


"City roads" not acceptable?


for this question, how does one know the correct choice between "улицы" and "улицa"?? They both sound identical to me when spoken....?? Is the plurality implied by the order of the words?


The plurality is implied by the spelling of the word. The word order has nothing to do with it. Yes, "улица" and "улицы" sound very similar, because in Russian unstressed vowels are reduced, but usually it's not a problem.

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