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"Do you prefer to fight with sword and shield, or with other weapons?"

Translation:Foretrekker du å kjempe med sverd og skjold, eller med andre våpen?

December 26, 2015



Jeg foretrekker å kjempe med en rapier... men jeg foretrekker egentlig å løpe bort


Way far too long sentences, I'm sorry. Somebody went nuts (berserk) with endlessly long sentences, apparently, which doesn't help a lot in terms of learning.


thirteen words is about average length for an English sentence.


That may very well be, in a normal context of a book, or even a conversation. I have completed many trees in various languages, and can't recall to have seen many sentences with more than 10 words. The Norwegian tree is full of those, and even for me as a native Norwegian speaker, it is almost impossible to manage to write them down in timed practice! This isn't even the longest one I've seen, and from a learning perspective, totally unnecessary. My $0.02, but I'm pretty sure that the first part of sentence is sufficient in order to learn the usage of infinitive.


I agree longer sentences mean more chance of typos especially with timed practice and don't really help for learning

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