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  5. "Я уже в России."

"Я уже в России."

Translation:I am already in Russia.

December 26, 2015



"I already am in Russia" should be correct?


I believe that it is technically correct, just a bit weird. The way it's worded sounds closer to answering someone.

"Go to Russia." "I already AM in Russia!"

If you were to vacation in Russia and message someone back home to let them know you arrived earlier than expected, you probably wouldn't use "I already am in Russia" but rather, "I am already in Russia."


Agreed. It follows the exact word order and while I feel like it's a bit awkward, I'm almost certain it's proper English. Like if someone said "go to Russia" when you're already there, you might say (in a bit of a whiny voice) "I already AM in Russia!"

Edit: After I posted it, I read the other response and chuckled that I used literally the same example of when it might be used.


Why Россия isn't used?


Read the Tips and Notes:

If you are speaking about place, you should use the Prepositional case:

the nouns with -ия takes -ии n prepostional case!


Are tips and notes available on the mobile app version by any chance?

I have seen them mentioned but have never seen these notes, but have also solely used mobile version and will be unlikely to deviate from that practice.

As I'm usually not doing this at home. Just curious I've simply assumed it isn't available anywhere on the mobile app so I've dealt with it by simply learning from my mistakes and comments.


Unfortunately, they aren't available on the app. If you're using Duolingo on your phone/other device, I would suggest also going to the mobile version of the site for the tips and notes. It'd be much easier for you to learn Russian that way :)


You can use a web browser on your phone to log into the web version of duolingo, which allows you to see the tips and hints.

[deactivated user]

    I actually am on the mobile app looking at the comments. Once done a question, by the continue button is a sort of message icon. Click on that!


    I recommend using any version that lets you read the tips. They are very useful when you are starting out to learn cases.


    I've read that nouns that end in я add an е not и in the prepositional case, why is that the case here with россия? Thank you.


    Wish i could say that someday


    I'm already in Russia, should be good to use as well. I'm is an abbreviation of I am.


    Why I'm already in the Russia is incorrect?


    When the voice dictates, it really sounds like she says "с" but it marks that wrong and insists "в" is correct. I think the problem is with the dictation.


    And when I dictate Russian, I find that Duo understands в, всё, etc., a lot easier or more accurately if I pronounced it "wrong" by using a fairly hard "vee" sound. If I use the "ffff" or "ffss" or "ssss" sounds I sometimes hear in the audio, I get the dictation "wrong". And I recalibrate my mid-range quality Sennheiser headphones fairly often. Not the best, but a very, very good set of headphones.

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