Ihr & Er

I cannot for the life of me distinguish between 'Er' and 'Ihr' in the robot voice pronunciations. I know you're supposed to equate 'Ihr' to 'ear' and 'Er' to 'air', but no matter how many times I listen to the voice, they both sound exactly the same to me. Is there any tips to get around this?

January 11, 2013


This happens occasionaly to me as well. I find the slower version is a bit easier to distinguish.

I've regularly the same problem. Maybe it is a problem with my hearing (that is not perfect), but I have given up trying to distinguish from the sound and I try to guess by the context ... :-(

I don't remember having a problem distinguishing the voices, but I don't have an example off-hand. In many cases, at least, you should be able to tell whether it's Er or Ihr depending on the form of the verb that follows it.

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