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  5. "The man loves you."

"The man loves you."

Translation:Mannen elsker deg.

December 26, 2015



How do you know when to use "dere" or "deg" instead of "du"?


du = singular subject pronoun
deg = singular object pronoun
dere = plural subject and object pronoun

In the above sentence, 'you' is the object. Since English uses 'you' for both the singular and the plural, and there is no clear context for this particular sentence, you have the choice of translating it with either 'deg' (singular) or 'dere' (plural).


When you pick the deg option, its listed as incorrect still.


"Mannen elsker deg." is our default translation, so if that was marked as incorrect there must have been a glitch.

If this was a multiple choice task, you need to pick both "Mannen elsker deg." -and- "Mannen elsker dere." for it to count as correct.


When you would use "him/her" instead of "he/she" in English, that's when you use "deg" instead of "du".


Thank you, that makes sense!


It is fail it was supposed to be mannen elsker deg not mannen elsker dere

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